Railway Transport of Montenegro JSC successfully cooperates with regional railway administrations because of the structure of its activities. Its core activity is passenger and freight transport. Therefore, as a part of European Railway System, it is directly involved in the activities related to passenger and freight transport organization and attends international FTE (Forum Train Europe), WMPS and ROUT meetings where they agree upon the organization and train timetable for passenger and freight transport between European railway administrations.
So far, Railway Transport of Montenegro for the passenger transport disposes with trains on the following lines: Bar – Belgrade and Bar – Subotica with direct car to Niš, and in summer there are direct cars on the lines Skopje – Bar, Prague – Bar, Bratislava – Bar, Moscow – Bar and Kiev – Bar. In freight transport, Railway Transport of Montenegro runs freight trains in transport between Montenegro and Serbia and between Montenegro and Albania.
In both modes of transport, ZPCG participates in mutual use of cars in international transport, according to provisions of RIV and RIC Rulebook.