Railway transport of Montenegro JSC Podgorica as a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC) successfully cooperates with regional railway administrations in the field of Public International Passenger Transport as well as long-distance passenger transport. Therefore, as a part of European Railway System, it is directly involved in the activities related to international passenger transport organization and attends international FTE (Forum Train Europe), WMPS and ROUT meetings where they agree upon the organization and train timetable for passenger transport between European railway administrations.

Currently, due to works on the Infrastructure of the Serbian Railways to be performed in 2019, trains do not operate on the route Bar-Subotica-Bar, and in mutual organization of Railway Transport of Montenegro JSC Podgorica and “Srbija Voz” JSC Belgrade, in international passenger transport long-distance day and night trains operate on the route Bar-Topcider-Bar.

Exchange and use of passenger coaches in international transport between railway operators ZPCG and "Srbija Voz"JSC Belgrade is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the RIC Agreement.